Three Tips For An Effective Yoga Practice

1.  Patience – Make peace with perfection. Yoga is an ongoing practice so remember that you have a lifetime to get it right. There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ pose. With each practice, you’re exactly where you should be, and it is easy to find the peace in that.

2.  Breathe - Breathing is very powerful tool in focusing and dealing with challenges. Any moment your mind starts to wander, focus on the breath. Any time you start to struggle with a challenging pose, USE UJJAYI BREATH TO SUSTAIN THE POSE.

3.  Energetic Alignment – To gain maximum physical benefits of yoga - strength, flexibility and muscle tone - always initiate movement from the core.  When in a pose, engage all muscles by hugging muscles into the midline, feeling lengthening of the limbs and observe energy moving along the spine and spiraling up and out throughout the body.
Integrate Power Yoga Into Your Running

Extend Your Edge
What's the difference between a good runner and a great runner? The answer is 1mm. It only takes a simple or 1mm adjustment to improve your running form.  Focusing on precise anatomic alignment, Power Yoga gives you that extra edge in running performance.   

Run For a Lifetime
All sports injuries are caused by imbalances. If you bring your body into balance through the practice of yoga, you can run long and hard for years to come. Power Yoga benefits runners and athletes because it is designed to heat the body internally to build strength and flexibility, increase cardiovascular endurance, encourage weight loss, lengthen and sculpt the physique, and focus and calm the mind. The goal of Power Yoga is to allow students to tap into their core strength and realize their full potential on all levels.