I received my Vinyasa Yoga certification from Yoga Tree San Francisco after realizing that pursuing my passion is the most important thing in life - along with health, family, and friends.

After teaching yoga as a hobby to family and friends over the years, I realized that making people feel good, inside and out, was my true passion.  Connection, growth, and contribution were also drivers in my decision to teach.

I do have a rewarding career in High Tech during the day which allows me to live comfortably in San Francisco - my favorite city in the world.  A city that is so health conscious, San Francisco is the best place to spend my evenings and weekends delivering the 'yoga' message.

What's my yoga message?  It's quite simple.  With regular practice, linking breath to movement, you can achieve true strength, stability and spirit - both physically and mentally.  You don't have to be flexible or skinny to do yoga.  You just need an open mind, patience, and the drive to be your best. 

The biggest myth about yoga is that it is just a 'stretching' exercise.  In reality, most yoga poses engage every muscle in the body, with the brain being the only passive muscle.  With each pose, you are constantly challenged to achieve proper alignment, using Ujjayi breath to give you the oxygenation or energy to sustain the pose.

Being of Indian descent, I was born into Hinduism. I respect all religions and connect mostly with Buddhism. I was born in the US and spent my childhood in Los Angeles.  I received my B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and spent my adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue a career in High Tech. Currently, I live in San Francisco and love all of the restaurants and activities around the Embarcadero.

Mona Patel